UNITED SOIL SDN BHD is a bumiputra status company with proven track record in Malaysia since 1984. We have successfully completed many big projects over the past for both private and public sectors. Some projects namely for the MRT, LRT, Highways, JKR, MDKL, DBKL, AZRB, PR1MA and etc.

We have a team of qualified engineers, geologists and technical site supervisory personnel who have the experience and know-how in solving problems related to site investigation both on site and off site. All equipment is self-owned and all works are carried out by our own personnel and not outsourced or sub-contracted in order to maintain quality.

We offer very competitive rates in the market and we have sufficient resources to enable us to undertake large size contracts. We aim to be efficient and strategic in planning to ensure it is more cost-effective for every project. To ensure a shorter completion period can be achieved, our workers also work around the clock to hasten the field works.